Thank you visiting our site, we hope that you will gain useful and practical information that will help you take action towards achieving a more sustainable and self-reliant way of living.

It is our goal to educate and promote self-reliance. What is self-reliance? It is a prepared way of living that builds confidence in knowing that no matter what happens, that you will be okay. How do you achieve this? By being prepared in case of emergencies, and anticipating life events.

When you live within your means, have an emergency fund, strive towards debt free living, have a producing garden, have food and water storage (among other topics we’ll discussed on this site) you can achieve peace of mind. The opposite only brings stress, anxiety and often the need to accumulate more “stuff” that makes you feel even emptier at the end.

Declutter your life from unimportant things, and focus on what is truly of value. We believe that the more peace of mind we can bring to your live, the more you can serve others. We want to improve your life with education, not with theoretical information, but with practical knowledge that can be used to help you make a difference in your life today and for years to come!

About us

We are a 501(C)(3) Not-for-profit organization that up until 2017, we were mostly offering courses to those considering bankruptcy protection. Financial education is our strength, and we still offer online courses to those facing financial hardships. However, our agency expanded its mission in 2017 to also promote self-reliance education, to include: Emergency Preparedness, Gardening, Personal and Family Welfare, Water Conservation, Food Storage, Self-Protection and continue Financial Education and educate the public on Money Management.

Local Events

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